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Colorado Rapids vs. Portland Timbers - Man Of The Match

Who was the best Rapids player during that 2-0 win over the Portland Timbers?

A 2-0 win on an icy day at Dick's Sporting Goods Park was better than a lot of people expected, and the Rapids also had large chunks of the game where they legitimately looked the better team. Good stuff, but who was the best player for the Rapids? Here are three options that I have in mind:

Vicente Sanchez - The Wily Old Wizard is going to score 34 goals this year, all from penalty kicks. You heard it here first! Sanchez had his usual handful of magic moments during the game and scored a PK while earning another.

Dillon Powers - It is a crying shame that there aren't assists on penalty kicks, because Dillon Powers set both of the chances up that turned into PK goals for the Rapids. Powers was also very strong on the pass and did his job when going back to try and link the defense to the offense during the match. A very promising performance from the 2013 Rookie of the Year.

Deshorn Brown - No player brought more excitement into the game than Deshorn Brown. Though it took that second-chance on a penalty for him to finally get a goal, he put in a very good shift and tested both the defense and Donovan Ricketts with his speed. And, of course, he won the game-winning penalty kick.