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The Daily Wave: What I Saw In The Game Against New York (An Early Season Over-Reaction)

It is time for early season overreactions and after one game today's Daily Wave will bring it too you.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Beginning the season on the road against an Eastern Conference foe who had already started thier campaign seemed to spell certain doom to this Colorado Rapids fan-boy. So salvaging a draw on a Baldermero Toledo-esque penalty call makes me think that this team is one of destiny. Any result on the road against the East is a positive sign that the Rapids will be at the top of the table come September.

One positive I had while watching the game was the play of Nick LaBrocca. While not as intense as Hendry Thomas, he played just as well as Chris told us on Monday. This was something I was not expecting and it made me feel better about the depth of the Rapids.

Another positive was the substitutions Rapids Head Coach Pablo Mastroeni made in the second half. Of course Chris Klute went off with a hamstring injury but seeing tactical moves before the 75th minute was a breath of fresh air over the Oscar Pareja era. It just seemed to me that the subs had more of a chance to work than the shock value tactic Pareja would have made. Vicente Sanchez looked like his old self that brought the Rapids to the brink of a top seed in the West and home playoff game last year before the shoulder injury he suffered deterred him from playing the last road-trip. I know it's still early in the season and the Rapids seem to be testing out some line-ups but in the important matches maybe Sanchez should make the starting line-up. Keep him healthy for the playoff stretch and hopefully a long playoff run.

Deshorn Brown looked to be in pre-pre-season form. Multiple times he fell down or just made a bad run on a through ball. A few times the extra pass from him would of created a great scoring chance. Maybe that's just Brown. But I wanted to see Gaby Torres more involved and I feel like I've been saying that since he joined the team. Buddle and Torres up top seems like a tandem that Mastroeni should give a try if Deshorn doesn't have chemistry with others. Deshorn off the bench with his pace would be a more valuble asset against tired defenders than watching his current brand of soccer. Gaby Torres and Vicente Sanchez' creative play-making will make the Rapids more victorious in games than just long-balls that are on a wing and a prayer for Deshorn to collect.

Is this all just an over-reaction? Probably. The injury bug that hits all teams will come. It has already bit Dillon Powers and Clint Irwin. The good part about sports is the cream rises to the top. The Rapids new coach will find out who gives Colorado the best chance to win. But it's a lot easier to know the system and coach before the year starts and maybe have a stable coaching/front office situation instead of musical chairs every few years.