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New York Red Bulls vs. Colorado Rapids - Man Of The Match

Who was the best Rapids player in their 1-1 draw against the Red Bulls to start off the season?

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

No, we're not going to let you vote for Alan Kelly. The replacement referee did make a stunningly bad PK call to help out the Rapids on Saturday, but the team did plenty of good on its own and so there are a few guys who could probably put their names in the hat as Man of the Match. Who is your pick for the MotM from the 1-1 draw against the Red Bulls? Here are my three favorites:

Nick Labrocca - An underrated man in the match I think (as you'll see in my Daily Wave tomorrow), Labrocca was the best passer on the team and nearly scored the first goal of the game on a long-range effort that would have been goal of the week for sure.

Dillon Serna - The only way that Serna could have opened the season better would have been with a goal. The youngster had two fantastic chances and was a pest down the wing for the Red Bulls to deal with all day, perhaps earning more starting minutes in the future.

Drew Moor - Dave Lindholm gave Moor a shout out as a potential MotM on twitter after the game finished, and I agree. He wasn't all that involved at some points but spearheaded a generally solid defensive effort and had more clearances (9) than the entire rest of the backline put together (8).

Vicente Sanchez - The penalty was a good finish, and Sanchez also had plenty of other wily moments throughout the match.

Who's your pick?