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Colorado Rapids 1 New York Red Bulls 1 - Alan Kelly Troll So Hard

A superbly soft penalty given to the Rapids allowed them to leave Red Bull Arena with a point, but Colorado had a promising start along the way.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Colorado went into New York with a few things going against them. New York was a team that was rearing to go in front of the home crowd after falling 4-1 on opening weekend and Clint Irwin was forced to miss time with injury, putting John Berner to the wolves right off the bat. Fortunately, the Rapids played a fine game to start off 2014 and managed to sneak a point out of New York, though the goal they scored was helped by the replacement referee Alan Kelly.

New York had the better of it in the first 20 minutes of the match, but couldn't find their way through a spirited Rapids defense. Colorado started finding their way into the match more as the preseason rust started to chip away, and eventually they were in control of the match. Despite some very good chances through Dillon Serna and Nick Labrocca, they never broke through for a goal.

The second half featured a slightly more confident looking Red Bulls side and once again, they had the better start to the half. This time around, they were able to get a goal out of it as well. Thierry Henry was the goalscorer, finding himself unmarked at the back post thanks to a miscommunication between Shane O'Neill and Marvell Wynne, both of whom found themselves playing a different position than they did for most of last season. It was a simple finish for Henry with his head in the 57th minute.

Alan Kelly had been missing calls all game, which left the players getting increasingly chippy as the game went along. That made it a bit funny when the penalty kick that he called in the 72nd minute came from nearly nothing at all. Substitute Marvin Chavez had his back to goal in the penalty area and was bumped by Jamison Olave, enough to knock him over but hardly a stonewall penalty call. Fellow substitute Vicente Sanchez took the opportunity given and buried the penalty for the first Rapids goal of the year and the team's first goal on the road since last September.

The rest of the second half, including the six minutes of stoppage time, were back-and-forth and both teams could have easily scored a winner.

Supposedly there was quite a bit of excitement in the final minute of stoppage time, but the incoming feed cut off for Altitude, leaving a very confused Richard Fleming to sign us off. Despite the excitement, there were no goals, and that was that. Penalty aside, it was a game that the Rapids deserved to draw considering how well they played from start to finish.

Colorado will take their point on the road and prepare themselves for a two-game homestand that will feature the Western Conference champions of last season and the MLS Cup champions in quick succession.