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Colorado Rapids vs. New York Red Bulls - Game Thread

We're bringing back game threads this year. Join us to chat about the Rapids-Red Bulls match!


Way, way back when Burgundy Wave was just a wee baby, we tried doing game threads like just about every other site on the entire network does, soccer or otherwise. Unfortunately, it never really caught on because Burgundy Wave had about as good a community as... I can't think of a good metaphor, but you get what I'm saying.

We tried again last year for the playoff match against the Sounders and had a pretty decent turnout, and I was asked to try and bring back game threads for 2014. Join us and chat about the game down below.

Colorado Rapids (0-0-0) vs. New York Red Bulls (0-1-0)
Referee: Alan Kelly
Rapids Starting XI: Berner; O’Neill, Moor, Wynne, Klute; José Mari, LaBrocca; Torres, Powers, Serna; Brown
Red Bulls Starting XI: Robles; Miller, Armando, Olave, Eckersley; Convey, McCarty, Cahill, Sam; Henry, Wright-Phillips

Let's get ready to rumble! Hope to see some of you in the comments to discuss this one!