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Arsenal MF Samuel Galindo Reportedly To Join Colorado Rapids On Loan

Bolivian midfielder Samuel Galindo is reportedly going to join the Rapids on loan after an extended trial period.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

That'll be one roster spot sorted. According to a few sources around twitter, intriguing trialist Samuel Galindo from Arsenal will cease to be a trailist and join the Colorado Rapids on loan soon, adding another name to the midfield.

Colorado has had the Bolivian on trial for the majority of the preseason, and he'll immediately add some depth to a spot that very much needed some in the midfield.

Galindo didn't see a whole lot of time in the preseason compared to some of the other players on the roster, but he did well enough for himself to earn a spot in the 30-man roster. Said 30-man roster still has a few spots open, along with Matt Pickens holding a spot that will have to eventually be vacated, so we can probably expect to see another minor move or two in the next few weeks.