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Colorado Rapids 10 Keys To 2014: Gabriel Torres

Our Designated Player will not be the most important player on the Rapids in 2014, but his brand of magic is certainly going to be needed.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

As we do every year, Burgundy Wave is counting down our 10 most important things to watch for the Rapids this year. Coming in at number 5, Gabriel Torres.

Gabriel Torres is not going to be the most important player for the Colorado Rapids in 2014, or at least he isn't likely to be. However, there are few players that will be expected to produce more.

Being the first designated player in Colorado Rapids history is enough to give him plenty of expectation. You also have to add in the fact that we got a tiny taste of his potential at the end of last season, and he produced both this and this. We know that he has a special ability to make magic happen with the ball at his foot, and now he's got a complete off-season with the team to go with what looks like a more well-rounded group to go with him on the offense. (Read: No more Atiba Haris.)

Deshorn Brown might end up with more goals, and Dillon Powers might end up with more assists, but if Gabriel Torres isn't near the top of the overall points mark for the Rapids in 2014 then there will be a bit of disappointment. Whether or not that disappointment will be warranted... that's a story that the season will decide.