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Colorado Rapids Thugcast - Episode 52

The Thugcast returnth and your cup fillth over with Colorado Rapids talk from myself and Ben!

Say what? The Rapids Thugcast has returned for a new season! Tonight, Ben and myself get the Burgundy Band back together. We can't fail, cause we're on a mission from Pablo. We'll do a preview of the entire MLS season, and the Rapids season in particular, on tonight's show. Might mention that new coachy guy, as well.

Blog Talk Radio malfunctioned on us a few times last year, which left the show on hiatus. I've heard it's improved a bit in terms of the things that were screwing up for us every damn show last year, so we're giving it one last shot on BTR before we either decide to stick around on there or move to some other host. Let's hope it works, because I really have always liked BTR...

Clicky clicky on this text right here to get taken to the show page, or just click on the big logo down there. Man, I missed that logo. Welcome back, logo! The show will be at 7 p.m. MT on the BTR page. Be there or be... not there. But seriously, be there.