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The Daily Wave: At Least We Skipped Round One Of Exaggeration Fun

Maybe having the first week off wasn't so bad after all. We'll skip the fun of stupid Week One exaggerations!

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Did you hear? The Vancouver Whitecaps are going to win the Supporters' Shield. New England was being considered as a dark horse MLS Cup candidate prior to the season, but they're done and dusted now. DC United? Didn't improve at all despite all those big off-season moves! This is finally the year for Chivas, who for the first time in Franchise history looked decent in the first game of the year. Poor New York are going to miss the playoffs after winning a title last year, and Sporting Kansas City's lack of a go-to goalscorer up top is going to doom their chances this year, just... um, like... last year?

The Colorado Rapids got the first week of the season off, which means that -- especially now that they have actually named their official coach instead of just their interim one -- nobody's talking about them. They're one of the only team's that nobody is talking about, which means they've been exempt from the usual losing-of-minds based on early returns that usually will be forgotten by week seven or eight of the season when the sample sizes start to be something actually usable.

Just like how last year, a bunch of people were calling for Pareja to be fired after the opening game against Dallas because it was an immediate loss. And the year before that, when there was waaay too much optimism being thrown about after beating the Crew 2-0 in the first game of the year.

You know what's fun? Being able to sit back, listen to and chuckle at all of this without having to take part. Maybe a first week bye has some advantages after all.