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Stan Kroenke Reportedly Looking To Add Arsenal Partner 'LA Gunners' To MLS

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Is Kroenke going to get a second MLS team, this one a sister team to his EPL side?

Shaun Botterill

We've been wondering for ages why the Colorado Rapids and Arsenal, the two soccer teams owned by Mr. Stan Kroenke, haven't had all that much of a partnership over the years. There have been a few people sent over on trial during preseasons, an interview with Arsene Wenger before the 2010 MLS Cup and a few trips to train with the Gunners, but not much else. (There was also that immensely stupid 'Rocky Mountain Arsenal' name change that was rumored like six years ago, but I'll continue to ignore that ever happened.)

English paper The Metro has some interesting news on that front. Actually, on a slightly different front, but a similar front. This morning, they posted an article stating that Kroenke is planning on pulling a NYCFC move and putting a sister team to Arsenal in LA, called the LA Gunners. And according to the article, it could be another MLS team.

...the businessman is planning on buying a new MLS licence which will enable him to add a second team to the league.

The plans are in their infancy, but reports suggest that the new team would be based in Los Angeles and would be modelled on Arsenal.

The Metro's a tabloid (These are some of the other fabulous stories they're currently covering), but they're the first to have anything on this potential story. The biggest issue that I, and likely a lot of other people, have with the story is the LA location, assuming that it's true he wants the team to be in MLS. Are they expecting Chivas USA to have skipped town by then, or could Kroenke just buy out and rebrand Chivas? I guess we'll find out if, as they say, more details come out. It'll be an interesting story to follow if it turns out to be true.