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What Is Matt Pickens' Trade Value?

After an off-season of speculation on his future, Matt Pickens is reportedly going to be shopped by the Rapids. But how much could they get for him?

Harry How

It's 'when', not 'if', at this point. Chris Bianchi mentioned something on twitter yesterday that I think we'd all known for quite a while: Matt Pickens is going to be dealt.

It's not a surprise to see Pickens being shopped around. They have a very similar player, but one with higher upside, in Clint Irwin, and picked up Joe Nasco and John Berner in preseason to likely battle it out for the spot behind Irwin on the depth chart (and maybe the third 'keeper spot as well).

That leaves us with a question that we had already asked earlier in the off-season. What's Pickens' trade value? When we asked that before the Draft, Bulldog Ben and I agreed that we would be happy with a pick and cash.

Kansas City's 19th overall selection in the SuperDraft and a large chunk of allocation money to Colorado in exchange for Pickens.

Fun bit of irony that we ended up getting that pick anyway, eh? It's a bit different now though, because quite frankly, I don't know who needs a goalkeeper in MLS right now. When the off-season started, there were talks of Philadelphia perhaps replacing Zac MacMath. Well, they drafted Andre Blake. Sporting KC needing a new GK with Jimmy Neilsen retiring? They got Andy Gruenebaum in a trade and seem to like their old back-up enough for him to start anyway. Perhaps a team like the Crew could use him, but there don't seem to be many situations where Pickens would immediately walk in and start in MLS right now.

That might mean his trade value is diminished a bit. What do you think we can get for the bearded one on the open market?