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Martin Rivero Is Out, Hendry Thomas Seems All But Gone Too

Two players who we were expecting to play big roles in 2014 are likely going to do them for other teams, though perhaps still in MLS.

Victor Decolongon

It's unfortunate, but Oscar Pareja leaving the Rapids was always going to start a domino effect that seeped into the roster for 2014. The team isn't going to be dismantled going into 2014, but two guys expected to play big roles in the team look like they're going to be out the door for next year (and in fact, one already is): Hendry Thomas and Martin Rivero.

Rivero's situation might not have changed regardless of Pareja's departure, as the Rapids tried to get buy him off his loan from Rosario Central. With the team in cap trouble and Dillon Powers the de facto starter at central attacking midfielder, a big raise for Rivero might not have been in the cards either after an injury-filled sophomore season didn't exactly leave him in a position where he could be demanding a windfall. Rivero has already been confirmed to not return next season.

Thomas' situation is simply a matter of money. Thomas apparently has asked for a Designated Player contract, something that the Rapids likely can't afford with their current cap situation -- whether he's actually worth a DP contract after a slightly less impressive second year than first year is also up for discussion. Reportedly, there's still discussion concerning him, but things don't look particularly good.

Chris Bianchi put out an interesting tidbit on the situation yesterday, saying that both players might be staying in MLS if they aren't with the Rapids next year (they won't be with the Rapids next year.) Can the Rapids get something via trades for their rights? It'll be something to watch.