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Colorado Rapids 0 Chivas USA 0 - Desert Cubic Zirconia Cup

It wasn't much of a diamond on Wednesday as the Rapids finished a second preseason match against Chivas USA 0-0.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Colorado had a second preseason against Chivas USA to put themselves one step closer to the end of the Desert Diamond Cup and, with it, the preseason in general. (March is so close, guys!) Unfortunately, it was about as preseason as a preseason game can get and it ended up fizzling out into a 0-0 draw.

The first half was boring. Probably best we don't talk about it except to mention that the Rapids back-up squad had some decent moments and Joe Nasco was pretty solid in goal.

The second half had quite a bit more interesting play, especially from the Rapids' point of view. A gang of mostly starters replaced the back-up heavy lineup, and they immediately put a lot more pressure on the Goats. Other than a few scattered chances for Chivas, the Rapids held nearly all of the possession and got some fantastic attacking chances through Marvin Chavez, Deshorn Brown and Dillon Powers. Jose Mari saw minutes in that second half, and didn't have all that much to do, though he made few mistakes when the ball did find his feet.

Excitement aside though, Marvin Chavez had a late chance from point-blank range deflected, and the score ended up being 0-0. The Chicago Fire will be in the championship for the Desert Diamond Cup. Whatever shall we do?