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Chivas USA vs. Colorado Rapids - Preseason II, Electric Boogaloo

Preseason is coming to an end soon, and the Rapids are taking on Chivas one final time on Wednesday.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The preseason has soared by with the Rapids doing scrimmage after scrimmage with other MLS teams. They've had decent results through the preseason, with the biggest flub coming against Chivas USA in the Las Vegas Pro Soccer whatever the hell it was, when the Rapids fell 2-1 to the Goats after a pair of... we'll call them 'questionable' penalties were awarded by the referee.

The second match between the two in preseason won't be a super special 'challenge' this time featuring pitch invasions and drunk cameramen, but it should feature a slightly more polished feel to it after the two teams got another week or so of preseason work under their belts. Expect to see a lot of guys like Marlon Hairston, Jared Watts and Grant van de Casteele as the Rapids try to inch closer to their eventual depth chart.

We still have no idea who the coach is at the top of that depth chart, but that's another story.