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Footyheadlines Claims To Leak 2014 Colorado Rapids Home Kit

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Is this the new Rapids kit? If so, it's snazzy.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

With the new league policy asking every team to change at least one of their shirts every year, you can probably expect a rash of kit leaks right around this time every year from now on. A site called FootyHeadlines has claimed to have pictures of a couple of the new kits from around the league, including the new home shirt for the Rapids yesterday.

You can see the picture of it in the link above. There are three notable things about the shirt, as far as I can see:

  • They've put light blue stripes back into the mix.
  • The 'C' from the away shirt last year has been integrated into the home shirt, keeping the Colorado Flag theme consistent between all of the shirts they'll be wearing.
  • There's no kit sponsor as of right now, and with the season creeping closer and closer every day, we might have to take that as a sign that we're going to have to do without for another season.

Do you guys like them? I think they're mighty snazzy.