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US Women's National Team To Face China At Dick's Sporting Goods Park

The USWNT will head to DSGP for the first time since 2012 in April.

Doug Pensinger

Olympic Hockey got you down? (Oh, uh... spoilers?) Need some United States nationalism in your life? Well switch from hockey mode to soccer mode and you'll be able to get a taste even before the World Cup. It was announced yesterday that the US Women's National Team will be heading to Dick's Sporting Goods Park on April 6th for a match against China PR.

This will be Colorado's first US Women's game since September of 2012, when the US hosted Australia, and the third game for a US national team in three years after snagging the SnowClasico match for the Men's National Team last March. It will be the third Women's game held at the Dick following the 2012 match and a game against Brazil back in 2008.

Tickets will go on sale right at the end of February. The Dick was sold out the last time that the USWNT came by in the Pia Sundhage send-off match, and we can probably expect another full house come this April.