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Colorado Rapids 3 Houston Dynamo 2 - Preseason Goals!

Colorado and Houston pinged some goals back and forth in the first game of the preseason.


Preseason scrimmages aren't known for their hard-nosed and skillful play. Hell, the scrimmage played between the Houston Dynamo and Colorado Rapids on Sunday didn't even play all 45 minutes of the half without breaks. It was a good start for some of the team's youngsters though, and the Rapids got a couple of goals and some interesting story lines for their troubles. They also won the game 3-2, but that's really just gravy.

I didn't see the game, and neither did anyone else who wasn't actually there, but the Rapids provided some twitter updates, and here's what we were able to glean from it:

* Dillon Serna is good. The kid scored the first goal of the game for the Rapids and looked generally dangerous on the left wing all day. He's due for a chance in the spotlight, especially if he can make this his second impressive preseason in a row. It should be fun watching him start to work his way into the first team this year.

* Jared Watts played center back, which was a bit unexpected as his entire college career had been spent playing defensive midfielder. Perhaps another guy they're teaching to be versatile in the same way that Shane O'Neill is? The more depth you have in as many positions as possible, the better.

* All of the Rapids youngsters were linking up together well in the attacking third. Serna and Chris Klute linked up for the first goal, Marlon Hairston put a ball into the path of Deshorn Brown for the second, and the third came from Gabriel Torres after he linked up with Charles Eloundou.

* Tony Cascio might be able to work his way into the Dynamo team if he has some decent run outs in preseason. He scored the first goal for the Dynamo today. That's a good sign, since one would assume that the reason he was loaned in the first place was to get first team experience elsewhere so he could come back and work his way to the top with the Rapids like it looked like he was going to do after his rookie season.

...that's it, I guess. See you for the next preseason game!