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Chivas USA 2 Colorado Rapids 1 - lol Preseason

Colorado dropped a crappy preseason game to Chivas, but what else is new?

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Oh no the Rapids aren't undefeated in preseason any more whatever are we to do?

Just kidding. Colorado lost to Chivas USA on Sunday night, but it wasn't exactly a game to get worried about. Deshorn Brown scored a lovely goal in the first half, but the rest of the game was nearly unwatchable. On about the narrowest pitch they could find, with the old 'slip and slide' combo of wet grass laid on top of a turf field, players were slipping all over the place all game, passes were being missed and sitters were flubbed by both sides.

Chivas ended up getting a pair of penalty kicks, neither of which were anywhere near stonewall. (Rather, the word 'comedy' was used once or twice to describe them.) Just about everyone on the Rapids team saw a few minutes, though curiously, Jose Mari was absent from the lineup. There were good performances put on by Charles Eloundou, Vicente Sanchez and Brown in the first half, and Marvin Chavez (other than an awful miss on a sitter) had a good game on the wing in the second.

If this game is anything to go by (it's not) the Rapids might have another year like last year on offense. Fast, furious, fun to watch, and frustrating as all get out. Fortunately, it's just preseason!