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Jose Mari not returning to Colorado Rapids in 2015

The Spanish midfielder will be returning to his home country following a solid 2014 campaign with the Rapids.

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most notable things about the protected list released yesterday for the Expansion Draft by the Colorado Rapids was the exclusion of Jose Mari, the Spanish midfielder who was one of Colorado's only consistent players throughout the 2014 season.

Unfortunately, he wasn't left unprotected without reason; the Rapids made note along with the list that the Spaniard would not be returning to the Rapids in 2015, but instead will be returning to his home country.

Losing Jose Mari is huge for the Rapids, as their defensive midfielder depth is absolutely atrocious if you remove him. Jared Watts is likely to improve in his second season with the team, but past him all you have is Nick Labrocca -- despite having his option declined, him being on the protected list seems to indicate he'll be back in 2015 -- and a couple of players who would have to be a bit out of position like Dillon Powers and Marlon Hairston to take the spots. You can add DM to the list of spots that desperately need a signing or two this off-season.

Godspeed, Jose Mari. Your wondergoals and stingy defensive play in the midfield were a treat to watch in what was otherwise a horrendous season.