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Joe Nasco Traded To New England

In the "no one saw this coming category," Joe Nasco is traded to New England.

Garrett Ellwood/Colorado Rapids-USA TODAY Sports

If anyone saw this one coming, go buy a lottery ticket.  STAT

The Colorado Rapids announced today that they had traded third string Goalkeeper Joe Nasco and a 2015 3rd round SuperDraft pick to MLS Cup finalist New England Revolution for Dimitry Imbongo, Geoffrey Castillion and a 2015 2nd round SuperDraft pick.

Say What?

Honestly, I am not sure what to think about this one.  Nasco did not have his option exercised for the 2015 season and so essentially they have traded him and increased their draft position.  So that is a win right?

As for Imbongo he is a 24 year old striker from the Congo and has scored four goals for the Revolution.  Castillion is a 23 year old striker from the Netherlands and played a whopping 14 minutes this year for the Revs.  Neither player had their option exercised for 2015.

So what do you think Rapids fans?  Scratching your head on this one?  Hit the comments and let us know.