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Conor Casey is back on the market

Former Rapids striker Conor Casey is back on the market after a pair of productive seasons in Philadelphia. Pull the trigger, Rapids. You know you want to.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rapids had an issue with scoring goals last season. One of the biggest reasons why was because the team's movement up top had all the consistency and coherency of a second-grade ballet recital for amputees. If only there was a striker out there that the Rapids could pick up who is an absolute ace at off-ball movement, eh?

Oh wait, I think I know of one. After two seasons in Philadelphia, the Union decided to decline the option of Conor Casey right before the start of the MLS Monday transfer window. At a discounted price, there are plenty of reasons why the Rapids would do well to bring Casey back for a second hurrah with the club that he scored so many goals for in the past.

With Edson Buddle out, the Rapids are still in need of a big veteran who can come in and impact games, something that Casey did quite well for the Union. 18 goals in two years for the Union says it all. He's great off the ball, he holds the ball up better than anyone currently on the roster could ever hope and it's an easy chance for the 33-year-old to retire a Rapid when he wants to hang up his boots, too.

With a roster that should be deep enough to keep him from being anything but a super-sub, I can't see why the Rapids wouldn't give a shot at bringing him back at a discounted price for a year or two. Pull the trigger, Rapids. Dooooo it.