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A 'Keane' Way to End an Exciting MLS Cup 2014

Robbie Keane was awful for most of the game, but he finished well in the 2nd half of extra time. And that's what history will remember. Congrats to the Galaxy!

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

It took about twenty minutes for both teams to start rolling and to open up, and we were entertained with our second extra time MLS Cup Final in a row.  Congratulations to the LA Galaxy for championship #5 (and their 3rd over the Revolution).  Some random thoughts--nothing heavy, nothing deep:

  • Congratulations to Landon Donovan for not only going out on top, but for capturing his sixth MLS Cup title--pulling away from Brian Mullen and Jeff Agoos.  What a fitting way to end!  (And for the record, I'm still not convinced Landon's done.)
  • But if LA had lost, then the now hero and now-reigning MVP Robbie Keane would have been the goat.  The unusual mental lapses surprised even him, I'm sure.  At least twice, he could have assisted his teammates for easy goals.  But he found himself on the receiving end of a beautiful over-the-top ball that proved to be the game winner.  This just goes to show that games are often marathons and not sprints. History will remember his winner!
  • But watch out!  Jay Heaps is building something special in New England.  They have a stellar core of players that, if they stick around, will make the Revs contenders for years to come. They didn't play their game that marked their playoff run, but I see nothing but good things ahead.

Now that the MLS Cup is over, I'm so ready to get back to discussing the Rapids.  I'm ready to see them at this time of year in 2015.  I'm at least ready for them to matter come late October!  This was Heaps third year, after playing 11 years for the Revolution.  Could we see a parallel with Coach Pablo?  Possibly--we just need a solid veteran or two to guide our young players (among other things).

Is it March yet?  Let's get our Burgundy on!  Go Rapids!