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Colorado Rapids still need more off-field signings

Padraig Smith and Claudio Lopez are both solid additions to the Rapids' off-field staff, but they're still lacking an important commodity so far this off-season: coaches.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rapids were in need of a few dust-ups this off-season all over the place. Off the field, on the field, and in the coaching staff, there were holes that needed to be filled. We already discussed how the Rapids have gotten off to a solid start in terms of player acquisitions with Bobby Burling and Michael Harrington, and they made two new signings to the front office staff as well in new Sporting Director Padraig Smith and Director of Soccer Claudio Lopez.

We weren't expecting more than two new faces off the field this off-season, were we? I certainly wasn't expecting a new Sporting Director and Director of Soccer, whatever those terms actually mean. Even with both of those, though, there's still more work to be done off the field in terms of coaches. Bulldog Ben wrote a bit ago about Colorado's bare-bones coaching situation, and nothing has changed in that regard. Smith and Lopez are both smart soccer hires who have tons of experience in the game, but neither will be reporting to Coach Mastroeni and neither will be traversing the sidelines on gamedays.

As it stands, Colorado's coaching staff is still a skeleton crew. They desperately need another coach or two to be added before the start of next season to help stretch the duties of the staff a little less thin and give Pablo Mastroeni more of a support structure of coaches to help him continue his growth going into 2015. Don't think that the off-season signings off the field are finished yet, because that remains very important.