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2014 Review: US Open Cup 4th Round

In the first US Open Cup Match at home for the Rapids since the dinosaurs walked the Earth, the Rapids pounded Orlando City.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

OK, so many it was not since the dinosaurs walked the Earth, but it had been a heck or a long time since the Colorado Rapids had hosted a US Open Cup match.  In this June 17 match the Rapids played Orlando City SC and completed dominated the Lions in a 5-2 victory.

As soccer games go this one was pretty excited from the perspective that there were 7 goals and plenty of good movement by the home team.  And it "sort of" avenged a 3-1 defeat to the Lions in the 2013 edition of the Open Cup (although nothing really takes away the sting of losing to an inferior opponent).  The Rapids outshot the Lions 23-6 and controlled possession for the bulk of the match.

The Burgundy Boys were led by a hat-trick from Deshorn Brown and goals from Dillon Powers and Nick LaBrocca.  Although Orlando City put two on the board, they were never really in the match and the Rapids were able to show some quality that had missing in their last two MLS matches.

Hero of the Game:  Deshorn Brown.  When a dude grabs a hat-trick, you have to tip your cap.

Goat of the Game:  Attendance. Tickets were only $10 for this match and there looked to be about 1,000 people there.  I know that there is plenty to do in Denver, but for $10, you have to get out there.