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MLS Re-Entry Draft: Who could the Colorado Rapids select in Stage 2?

Is there anyone worth selecting in stage two of the MLS Re-Entry Draft?

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

The first stage of the 2014 MLS Re-Entry Draft was, as per usual, mostly uneventful, minus the selection of two goalkeepers and, bizarrely, the selection of Robbie Findley by Toronto FC. (That can likely be boiled down to 'lol Toronto FC'.) The second stage is usually when most of the fun happens, as teams are allowed to re-structure the contracts of the players selected, unlike in the first stage.

Unfortunately, this season we've seen most of the fun players opt out of the RED's second round, meaning that there are actually kind of slim pickings for the Colorado Rapids and other teams to choose from. There are actually a bunch of former Rapids players available (Conor Casey no longer among them) and those guys are probably out unless we want Omar Cummings era number two to begin.

Past that, it's mostly youngsters and journeyman veterans, and very few seem like they would be particularly shrewd selections.

The full list of players available can be found here. Who would you like to see the Rapids select with the third overall selection?