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2014 Review: Match 14--Rapids vs Fire

The 2014 Review rolls along and stops at the June 4 match against the Fire in Commerce City.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

It would be very easy to look at the 0-0 draw that the Colorado Rapids and Chicago Fire battled to on June 4 as an ugly, ugly match.  It was.  It would be easy to blame the offense for a terrible effort in only putting 2 shots on goal.  It was a terrible effort.  It would be easy to blame Pablo Mastroeni for putting a joke of a lineup out on the pitch for this one.  That would be a mistake.  It is easy to blame the coach for this monstrosity of a match, but the simple truth is that the players on the pitch need to be able to play better and they simply did not.

Here are the relevant stats for the night:

Shots SOG BS TP PA POSS Opponent Shots Opponent SOG
vs Chicago Fire 9 2 5 469 77% 66.10% 6 0
2014 Averages 13.2 4.5 2.6 422.8 78% 51% 10.4 4

SOG:  Shots on Goal.  BS:  Blocked Shots.  TP:  Total Passes.  PA:  Passing Accuracy.  POSS:  Possession

Record after 14 matches:  (6-4-4)  22 Points

Hero of the Match:  The Defense. Don't forget, at one point this year the Rapids defense was one of the best in the league.  This was their third match, and second in a row, where they did not allow a shot on goal.  It was also the 7th clean sheet in their first 14 matches of the year.  John Berner, Drew Moor, Marc Burch, Shane O'Neill and Thomas Piermayr were all excellent on the night limiting any shots on frame.  Berner picked up his second clean sheet as a rookie and overall it was an outstanding effort by the back four.

Goat of the Match:  The Offense.  When your defense plays as well as it did, you have to somehow find a way to score.  The Rapids mustered two shots on goal.  Say that again: two shots on goal.  Danny Mwanga was a disaster and was subbed off after 59 minutes and Marlon Hairston was inexplicably playing up front and did not have the best of games.  This was a missed opportunity for the Rapids and one they would rue later in the year.