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MLS Re-Entry Draft starts with round 1 today, six Rapids eligible

The Rapids hold the third overall pick in the draft, and six of their players are eligible for selection.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Are you ready for MLS off-season draft #5269? It's the Re-Entry Draft this time, that one that's totally different from the Waiver Draft because oh who even cares at this point. This gives players a chance to find new teams in the league, and often some interesting moves are made during this one.

Six Colorado Rapids players -- Davy Armstrong, Edson Buddle, Kamani Hill, Dimitry Imbongo, Brian Mullan, Marvell Wynne -- are available for selection in the draft. The Rapids will have the third overall pick in the draft.

It seems unlikely that many players will be taken on the first day of the draft, as per usual, because their contracts have to be taken on fully instead of negotiated. In the second round of the draft, to be held on December 18th, contracts are redone for picked players, and that tends to be where most of the interesting moves of the draft happen. Off-hand, I expect that to be the day Marvell Wynne is taken by another team at a reduced price. Past him, it seems unlikely any of the other Rapids will be picked up by anyone.