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2014 Review: Match 13--Rapids vs Houston

The 2014 Rapids review continues with a 3-0 thumping of Houston on June 1.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports


OK, maybe it is not that exciting, but the Colorado Rapids put together another very solid effort in a 3-0 victory over the Houston Dynamo for their second win in a row.  Led by a brace from Deshorn Brown, another beautiful goal from Kamani Hill and solid defense saw the Rapids claim all three points and left them in the thick of the Western Conference playoff chase.

Here are the relevant stats for this match:

Shots SOG BS TP PA POSS Opponent Shots Opponent SOG
vs Houston Dynamo 15 6 2 534 81% 62.2% 5 0
2014 Averages 13.5 4.7 2.4 419 78% 49.8% 10.7 4.3

SOG:  Shots on Goal.  BS:  Blocked Shots.  TP:  Total Passes.  PA: Passing Accuracy.  POSS:  Possession

Record after 13 matches:  (6-4-3)  21 points

Hero of the Match:  The Starting XI. The Rapids put together another very solid performance and it was a complete team effort.  They set season highs in total passes and had over 62% of the ball.  They did not give up a shot on goal to Houston and just looked great out there.  A match where both the offense and defense were both playing at a high level was rare in 2014, but in this match the Rapids were able to excel in all facets.

Goat of the Match:  For One Night, Nothing. When looking back at 2014, this match stands out as a great effort and everyone put in a terrific performance.  There were some terribly rough roads still to be faced for the Burgundy Boys, but for this night, the Rapids were on top of their game.