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MLS Dispersal Draft for Chivas USA players to take place November 19th

We'll find out where Colorado is picking in the draft later this week.

Stephen Dunn

Colorado won't be rewarded for their awful finish in the MLS regular season in the first draft of the off-season. The MLS Dispersal Draft for all of the players left behind by the dissolving of Chivas USA will take place on November 19th at 2 p.m. Mountain Time, but it won't be in the order that teams finished the season, like most other MLS Drafts and allocation orders are.

Rather, the Rapids and every other team in the league will have to go through a weighted lottery five days before the draft itself, on November 14th. Each team that did not make the MLS playoffs, along with New York City FC and Orlando City SC, will receive two envelopes in the lottery, while every other team will receive one. Theoretically, this means that the Rapids could pick first in the draft, though that might not be worth the effort since the main prize of the set, Dan Kennedy, doesn't really solve an issue that the Rapids have at the moment.

We'll see on the 14th if the Rapids will get first dibs on the player pool from the Goats. Even if they don't, could they just throw the pick at Wilmer Cabrera instead? Just saying.