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2014 Review: Match Seven--Rapids at Sounders

The 2014 Rapids season hits its first major speed bump, 20% of the way through, with a thrashing at the hands of Seattle.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Colorado Rapids made their first of two trips to Century Link Field in Seattle to play the Sounders and were absolutely taken apart by the eventual Supporters Shield winners.  A 4-1 defeat on April 26 was the result of some piss poor defense and some terrific finishing by Seattle and the smoldering warning signs about the Rapids defense showed reared its head again.

Here are the relevant stats on the night:

Shots SOG BS TP PA POSS Opponent Shots Opponent SOG
at Seattle Sounders FC 10 4 1 491 78% 43.60% 20 13
2014 Averages 11.7 4.3 2.85 427 78% 49.20% 11.8 4.7

SOG: Shots on Goal.  BS: Blocked Shots. TP: Total Passes.  PA: Passing Accuracy.  POSS: Possession

Record after seven games:  3-2-2 (11 points)

Hero of the Match:  Clint Irwin. Irwin got a lot of crap this year from supporters who said he was one of the problems on this team.  That could not be further from the truth.  He faced 20 shots, 13 of which were on goal. Read that again: 20 and 13.  He made 8 saves.  Irwin made was huge in this game, despite giving up the four goals.  He was let down time after time by some shoddy defending.

Goat(s) of the Match: Chris Klute, Drew Moor, Shane O'Neill and Thomas Piermayr. Now, to be fair, Seattle is a hell of a team.  When you spend that much money on that kind of talent, you are going to score some goals.  No doubt about it.  But the back four seemed to have this problem closing down the Seattle forwards and when they tried to push them outside, Seattle burned the Rapids.  It was a terrible effort by the team and sadly the first of six games in 2014 where the Rapids gave up four or more goals.