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Carlos Alvarez should be the lone option-declined player brought back to the Colorado Rapids

When the Rapids had a mass exodus after 2012, a few players still returned; Carlos Alvarez should be the only member of this particular exodus to survive.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

John had analysis yesterday in his post about the 11 players who had their options declined regarding who could potentially stay from the group. Remember, contract options being declined is not the same thing as being cut from the team, so this move isn't quite as drastic as the mass exodus of 2012 was when nine players were straight-up released from the team.

Contract options being declined mean that every player in that group could potentially still be on the Colorado Rapids next season, though that's exceedingly unlikely as the main reason for removing a player in that manner is usually so that a new contract worth less money can be discussed. That means it's probably the end of the line for guys like Gale Agbossoumonde and Grant van de Casteele, along with our poor OG homegrown Davy Armstrong.

Past the youngsters who have no real contract issues to speak of, there are the older players like Nick Labrocca and Marvell Wynne, both of whom could be good MLS back-ups but both of whom are being paid -- and will likely continue to want to get paid -- as starters. This would actually be the second time Wynne pulled this stunt if he were to re-sign after having his option declined.

There's really only one player that fits the bill of a younger guy who costs too much, and that's Carlos Alvarez. I would be shocked to see the Rapids not attempt to sign him again with a slightly smaller contract -- he made $108,150 last year -- and bring him back. Not only was the move to sign him probably the least offensive trade of the 2014 season, but it also resulted in quite a lot of playing time for the youngster.

With the mantra of talented youth still ringing through the Rapids, I see no reason why Alvarez wouldn't be the easy choice of a player to bring back for 2015, albeit for a lot less money than Chivas USA was apparently throwing at him.