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2014 MLS Cup - Which match-up would you like to see?

Which two teams would you prefer to see in the 2014 MLS Cup final?

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

We're nearly at the end of the 2014 MLS season; only a couple of games separate MLS fans from the bitter coldness of the off-season. First, though, we have to crown us a champion. The final four were decided a while back -- it feels like there haven't been any playoff games since the Taft administration, it's been so damn long -- and the playoffs finally kick off again tomorrow.

Which teams do you want to see in the final, Rapids fans? The Seattle Sounders will play the LA Galaxy for the Western Conference marbles, and though neither team is a natural rival for the Rapids I'm betting that we'll have people on both sides of that fence. On the other side of things, both Eastern Conference finalists, the New York Red Bulls and New England Revolution, are seeking their first MLS Cup victory, though both have appeared in and lost the big show before.

Not necessarily taking into account the final that you think will happen, what MLS Cup final would you most like to see?