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2014 Review: Match Four--Rapids at Whitecaps

As we roll along through our 2014 review, we make our first stop out of the United States.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Be honest with me: did you actually think Colorado Rapids would get a win in Vancouver on April 5?  If you said yes, you are either wickedly clairvoyant or you are smoking, um, that legal substance in Colorado.  There were no signs that we would be able to compete with Vancouver Whitecaps.   The Caps had not lost yet in the 2014 season and were playing some solid football.

In match 3, the Rapids had less than 40% of possession and their passing numbers were horrible.  So of course the Rapids went to BC Place and lost took three points off the Whitecaps in an exciting 2-1 victory.

Here are the relevant stats for this match and comparing it to the rest of the season:

Shots SOG BS TP PA POSS Opponent Shots Opponent SOG
at Vancouver Whitecaps FC 14 3 6 489 85% 52.90% 14 7
2014 Averages 13.5 5.5 3.25 383 78% 47.15% 11.25 4

SOG: Shots on Goal.  BS: Blocked Shots. TP: Total Passes.  PA: Passing Accuracy.  POSS: Possession

Hero of the Match:  Clint Irwin. This was the match were the phrase "CFI" was coined and it was his first start of the year.  (I will let you figure out what the F stands for).  Irwin was sensational all game and had to be.  The Rapids defense allowed the Whitecaps to put seven shots on frame but Irwin was up to the task and allowed just one goal.  Yes, Jose Mari had two long range bombs in that match, but without Irwin, the Mari goals were irrelevant.

Goat of the Match:  The Defense. The Rapids midfield did a good job controlling the match with their highest possession numbers, passing accuracy numbers, and total passes number of the year.  But when the the ball left the middle third of the field, the Rapids defense struggled with stopping the Whitecaps attack.  Yes, Irwin was spectacular, but the Rapids defense gave up  the most shots on the year and most shots on goal.  It was a true warning sign, despite the victory.