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2014 Review: Match Three--Rapids vs Sporting

The Rapids suffered their first defeat of 2014 against the defending MLS Cup Champions.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

It took three weeks into the 2014 season for Colorado Rapids to suffer their first defeat of the year, and this match showed what would be a common theme for the 2014 season.  Although the Rapids lost 3-2 to Sporting Kansas City in this match, they played well enough to get out of the match with a result.  This was a match that Sporting dominated possession, but the Rapids were efficient when they did have the ball.

Here are the relevant stats for the match, and how it stacks up to the season as a whole:

Shots SOG BS TP PA POSS Opponent Shots Opponent SOG
vs Sporting Kansas City 9 6 0 250 69% 37.20% 13 4
2014 Season Averages 13.3 6.3 2.3 347.6 75% 45.23% 10.3 3

SOG: Shots on Goal.  BS: Blocked Shots.  TP:  Total Passes.  PA: Passing Accuracy.  POSS:  Possession

Hero of the Match:  Vicente Sanchez.  This was the third match of the year and the Rapids had not scored a legitimate goal from anywhere but the spot.  Sanchez put two more in from 12 yards out and it was hard to argue with the Sporting supporters who chanted "we score real goals."

Goat of the Match:  Marvell Wynne.  Wynne picked up his second yellow card in the 85th minute with the match tied 2-2.  The Rapids were absorbing all sorts of pressure, but were adequately dealing with it, but losing someone along the back four is tough to deal with.  Sporting was dominating the midfield and was sending wave after wave at the Rapids, and having Wynne back there would have helped.  As a veteran footballer he has to be aware of the card that he was carrying and how being sent off really turned the tide of the match.