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Colorado Rapids pass in mock Dispersal Draft

I participated in a mock Dispersal Draft, and as the Rapids I passed.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

You saw the other day that I'm not too bullish on the Colorado Rapids' chances of getting much of anyone of note out of the Chivas USA Dispersal Draft, coming later today.

So when we decided to do an SB Nation mock draft for it, I went in expecting that I was probably going to rather pass than pick up the scraps left over at 8th overall. Unsurprisingly, I was correct. None of the few players I had pegged as capable of actually improving the Rapids -- guys like Dan Kennedy, Thomas McNamera or Markey Delgado -- made it that far down.

The Rapids are a team that currently has a few very good, star-caliber players with a whole lot of nothing below them on the depth chart. That in mind, I went into this thinking that I would only pick a player who I thought would actively make the Rapids a better team, and not another no-name to add to the pile of no-names littering the roster already. None of the players who fit that criteria fell to No. 8 in this draft. - Chris White, Burgundy Wave

The draft will be today at 2 p.m. Mountain time. It won't be televised or anything; much like the Supplemental Draft after the MLS SuperDraft, it will just be performed via a conference between the teams and the results will likely be spilled to the internet shortly after.