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Colorado Rapids will pick 8th in Chivas USA dispersal draft

The Rapids won't be getting a great player out of the remains of Chivas USA, with a middling pick in the Dispersal Draft.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Any dreams that Colorado Rapids fans might have had about getting Dan Kennedy onto the team for 2015 were dashed today when the draft order for the Chivas USA Dispersal Draft, chosen by a weighted lottery, was revealed today. The Rapids, despite getting an extra lot in the lottery, couldn't snag one of the top few spots, and will instead pick 8th.

Picks cannot be traded in the Dispersal Draft, so each team will be forced to stay where they are and, considering the small number of truly desirable players on the Chivas roster, the Rapids will probably have slim pickings even being in the Top 10 of the order. FC Dallas got the top spot in the draft, while the Vancouver Whitecaps got the unenviable position of being dead last in the order.

Hey, maybe they can get Eric Avila back! Technically winning that trade for Nick Labrocca all the way, hell yeah!