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Burgundy Wave looking for new contributors

Join the best Colorado Rapids fansite on the internet with your own spin on your favorite soccer team.

Doug Pensinger

Do you like the Rapids? Do you like complaining about the Rapids even if you don't like the team all that much? Can you read and write at a 6th grade level or above? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you're probably qualified to join the Burgundy Wave team! The off-season is about to begin, and we're looking to re-tool the writing staff through the winter so that we have a stocked cabinet of contributors come 2015.

Since the Daily Wave is currently suspended due to it being the off-season, through the off-season you'll be asked to write a few posts per month and contribute a few sentences to a couple of others to help keep the site populated during the winter, with us figuring out Daily Wave slots and other weekly posts once we approach next season. Any and all applicants who are interested can email me at

In addition, we're looking for someone who will act as a Facebook manager for the site. Though I've long been the lone social-media representative of the site, I've always neglected our Facebook page when times have been busy for me more than anything else. As a result, it goes through lulls, and I'd like to change that by bringing in someone to run the page and make one or two posts a day linking to posts made on the site or other Rapids or MLS-related tidbits from around the internet.

We unfortunately can't offer any payment for any contributing positions with the site -- even I barely get anything out of running this joint -- so we won't ask you for a whole lot. We'd love your company around here, though. Once again, email me at if you're interested.