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Seattle Sounders 4 Colorado Rapids 1 - Phoning it in

This game recap contains about as much solidity as the Rapids defense. Hey-o!

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when Marvell Wynne started that match for the Colorado Rapids at center back after they had spent like a month trying to get, and succeeding at getting, Zat Knight onto the squad? That was pretty neat. Wynne was at the center (pun!) of another wonderfully awful defensive effort for the Rapids on Sunday afternoon, a performance that ended 4-1 to the visitors.

Knight eventually did come in in the second half and it stopped the bleeding a miniscule amount, but it's not like the Rapids were coming back at any point.

But hey, Clint Irwin did get a start in goal, so at least something wasn't all wrong in that one! I look forward to Pablo Mastroeni blaming him for the four goals against and starting Joe Nasco again next time or something.

...Yeah, I've kind of run out of things to say about this team at this point. Let's just keep on steamrolling along until the end of this.