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Sometimes, you're just outclassed: Hats off to Seattle

Yes, it's the Seattle Sounders. Yes, they are our Big Brother rivals. Yes, they shellacked our Burgundy Boys 4-1. But sometimes, you're just outclassed. Here's to you, Seattle.

A beautiful, sunshiny day at Dick's Sporting Goods Park.
A beautiful, sunshiny day at Dick's Sporting Goods Park.
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

A traffic accident prevented my family and me from making it on time to the Rapids game.  I could be clever and a bit cynical by inserting an easy joke about the wreck inside DSGP.  But I won't go there.  But a few assessments:

Marvelle Wynne struggled.  The handball to bring on the first goal leading to the penalty by Clint Dempsey.  The slothfulness in getting back on Goal #2 by Obafemi Martins, leaving Irwin out to dry.  Coach did the right thing by subbing him off, and bringing on Zat Knight.  When Wynne is on, he's on.  But he's been having more and more games like today. My guess is that my daughter's favorite player's days are numbered.

Seattle played with class.  Though Seattle wasn't precise for the full 90, they brought a quality and a class that most Rapids fans felt they would--and if most were honest, a 4-1 score was no surprise.  Sure, we hoped that on the anniversary of whipping them 5-1 in 2013 would be revisited--and would somehow salvage an otherwise mean 2014.  Not this October 5.  What a difference a year can make.  (And while we're being honest: Marco Pappa's start-start-stop-flick that started with Clint Dempsey's backheel should be up for GOTW.  (Please, Coach Mastroeni--don't blame Irwin for that!)

I thought Irwin played well.  He did what he could, given that the defensive backline let him down again.  I don't think even Tim Howard would succeed with that inexperience in front of him.  But his reaction to Alonso's long-distance strike in the 77th minute was tremendous.  Personally, I believe Irwin may have needed a game or two break, but I do hope that the coaching staff has not put all the blame on Irwin's shoulders. Let's not underestimate Drew Moor's presence on the field anymore, OK?

I'll leave it to other capable writers here at the Burgundy Wave to go into a more detailed analysis.  But given the Sounders' experience and quality of players, sometimes you're just outclassed.

Leave me a comment.  Tell me I'm right, tell me I'm crazy--but just tell me something.  Any talk about soccer is good talk.  Leave a comment in the comments section or send me a tweet at @rapidssouthstds .

See you in the South Stands on October 18 against FC Dallas.