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Colorado Rapids vs. Seattle Sounders - Three questions with Sounder At Heart

It's the final showdown of the season between the Rapids and Sounders, and the final set of questions with Sounder At Heart as well.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

For some reason, I thought the Rapids had already played the Seattle Sounders three times this season. Maybe it's all blurring together too much for me to remember these things. Regardless, the Rapids get Seattle one more time this season, this time at Dick's Sporting Goods Park. That means it's time for one more question-swap with Dave Clark from Sounder At Heart.

BW: In what has been a season populated with star performances, who is the overall season MVP for the Sounders right now?

SaH: Obafemi Martins, the Seattle Sounders number nine. He's not a man, he's a goal machine.

Sorry about that, got a bit distracted. The thing is that he carried the team when Dempsey wasn't around. Sure, Clint had good reason not to be here, but if it wasn't for the power of Oba this season would be another pretty good one. With Martins the team is competing to have one of the best single seasons in MLS history. He can score; he can assist; he can even provide defensive pressure.

Now, that could change if Seattle goes on a four match winning streak where Clint Dempsey does amazing things.

BW: It's nearly playoff time. What other playoff team (including the two duking it out for the fifth spot at this point) do you think the Sounders best match up against when planning your potential playoff brackets?

SaH: Well, I'd pick Vancouver first because they're mediocre on offense and defense. Then I guess Portland, because they haven't figured out how to stop Seattle's attack this year. Those games would be a shootout, great television and boring blogging, because Sounders-Timbers is something that's already happened four times this season.

BW: When he goes to Spurs, do the Sounders have a replacement ready to take the spot of Deandre Yedlin? Is that something to think about in the off-season?

SaH: Internally that would be Brad Evans. There's some layers of irony there as it was Evans who was the starting RB for the USA at one point and now that seems like it will be Yedlin. There's a chance at new signing Onyekachi Apam could be that answer, but no one has a clue if he can get fit again, or if he winds up as a CB. Seattle may have to look elsewhere to find that man.

Lineup projection: It's early and the not-Marshall CB is up in the air.

Frie; Gonzalez, Evans, Marshall, Yedlin; Neagle, Pineda, Alonso, Pappa; Dempsey, Martins