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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly--The Last One

Well, the season is over, and for the last time in 2014, here is The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rapids season has come and gone with not so much of a roar as a whimper as the Burgundy Boys dropped a 1-0 decision to Vancouver Whitecaps FC.  It was the perfect snapshot of the Rapids season as they played well enough in spots to deliver a result, but the momentary lapse of concentration led to the Whitecaps goal.  It was tough to watch when the Vancouver goal went in, but there were some positive aspects of the game.

Here is The Good, The Bad, The Ugly--End of Season Edition

The Good--Youth Is A Dish Best Canada?

So did you see it?  It was awesome!

At one point during the match on Saturday night, we had THREE HOMEGROWN PLAYERS on the pitch at the same time!!!  Not much I can add to that.  Other than: WE HAD THREE HOMEGROWN PLAYERS ON THE PITCH AT THE SAME TIME!

And, evidently, this was a big deal

So there you go...

The Bad--That One Mistake

For as great as it was to have Davy Armstrong, Shane O'Neill and Dillon Serna on the pitch at the same time it did not change the fortunes of the team.  The Rapids played well enough for that result, but poor marking on a set piece led to the Rapids ultimate downfall in this game.

The Ugly--That One Mistake (Part Two)

And that mistake falls squarely on the shoulders of Zat Knight.  There is NO WAY Knight should allow Deshorn Brown to cover the largest man on the Vancouver team so that guy can get free.  Knight has to be the leader back there (after all, he has the armband) and he let his team down.  Knight needs be aware of positioning of his players and where the Vancouver guys are.  I have to think this is the end of the Knight experiment in Colorado.

So the season is over for our Beloved Burgundy Boys, but the work has just begun.  What is poised to be an exciting off-season has started and I am curious as to what this brings.