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Some numbers to show just how bad the Colorado Rapids' season was

The Colorado Rapids have never been the worst team in MLS, but they came pretty darn close in 2014.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

We know the Colorado Rapids were bad in 2014. Just how bad were they? Here's a few numbers to show just how futile their efforts were.

  • The Rapids did not set the all-time record for losses post-shootout era, losing 18 games rather than the 19 that Oscar Pareja's first team lost. 18 is still the second-most losses by a Rapids team since the shootout days (they lost 21 in 1996) and tied for the third most losses that the team has had overall with 1997. Remember when they made the MLS Cup that year? Good times.
  • Colorado's 62 goals allowed were easily the most allowed by a Rapids team in the post-shootout era. The only two years they allowed more were 1997 and 1998. In contrast, the 2012 Rapids team that featured one of the worst-looking defenses we'd seen in ages "only" allowed 50.
  • Eight wins is the second-fewest in team history, beat out only by the five-win 2001 season. It's of note that that season was the post-contraction season, so they only played 26 games.
  • This is kind of a lesser one, but 8th is the lowest that the Rapids have ever finished in any division they've ever played in. Naturally, most seasons they couldn't have finished 8th because there weren't eight teams in the division. Regardless, it's the lowest in the table we've seen them in a long time.

Was this the worst Colorado Rapids team of all time? The main competitors for that crown are probably the 2001 squad that won only five games and the 2012 squad that lost 19. Either way, this was a season to forget in just about every way, shape and form.