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2014 is Over for the Colorado Rapids--May It Rest in Pieces

Mercifully, the 2014 Rapids season is over. As I grasped at straws that the Burgundy Boys would play playoff spoiler against Vancouver, it was more of the same. Rest in pieces, 2014!

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Rest in pieces, 2014!  As this season ground to a halt, we found little to no offense, even as our defense held together on the plethora of shots Vancouver manufactured.  It wasn't easy seeing Vancouver celebrate at our expense, but we've gotten used to that over the last 14 games (a historically bad 0-12-2).

Clearly, many of the players that we've grown close to on a personal level will in all likely be moving along--and all of us will be watching the moves the front office makes.  Each of us diehard fans have our ideas, but we are powerless in input and execution (lessened season ticket purchases and planes flying protest banners notwithstanding).  Such a disturbing position for fans to find themselves--fans ready to support a winner, a contender, a team that is relevant and one to reckon with.

For sure, 2014 was ground into a fine powder.  My desire to watch our boys play fell significantly as the season came toward a merciful conclusion.

What do you believe are the biggest needs for our team?  Leave me a comment below or send me a tweet (@rapidssouthstds).

Let's rest up from 2014.  Let's gear up for 2015.