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Keith Olbermann: Tim Hinchey is the (second) worst person in the world

Keith Olbermann is talking about the Chris Bianchi story now.

Yesterday I noted that the Colorado Rapids were getting national media attention that probably wasn't of the type they had been hoping for after the Chris Bianchi situation came to a head on Deadspin. Yesterday, the media train continued to roll on with Keith Olbermann -- that's right, the story has crept its way onto ESPN -- naming Tim Hinchey his second worst person in the sports world. The video can be seen above.

At the very least, he didn't manage to get the top billing in the Worst category. In this episode he was beaten out for the worst person in the world by a Kansas City Royals player who interrupted an interview using a water bottle as a microphone, and he doesn't have the distinction of being the worst MLS-related person or peoples this year after the Columbus Crew fans who made this got the spot a few months back.

Even if this media boost of this story stops here, it's really embarrassing to watch the Rapids get muckraked after the season we've already had.