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The national media's here for the Colorado Rapids' Bianchi bungle

It's almost always a bad sign when the national media is talking about the Rapids.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Since the end of July, I think we can safely agree that it's been one of the worst, if not the worst, half-seasons in Colorado Rapids history. Fortunately, very few people were rubbing it in, probably because the Rapids are the gold standard of MLS mediocrity and most other fans probably forgot they existed.

Leave it to this Rapids team to somehow turn a bad situation (13-game winless streak) worse. We all know now about the Chris Bianchi situation that took place a few days back. In fact, Rapids fans knew most of the story right as it happened. In my post about the situation, I closed with this:

As a result, our old friend the Streisand Effect is here providing even more bad press. Nice one, Rapids.

Oh lord, I didn't even know how right I was going to be.

Not only did Streisand show up, but she brought a three-hour set of ballads along with her to croon to the entire internet. Deadspin picked up on the Bianchi story, complete with the email exchange that preceded the firing. It's currently in their 'Popular' section, which for a Gawker site means it's pretty goddamn popular.

It ain't anonymous anymore; the national media's here to see the Rapids' rapidly failing dog and pony show (featuring a one-legged Dachshund and a bottle of glue). Guys like Grant Wahl and others who never talk about the Rapids otherwise are getting in on the action, and, as per usual, it's almost never a good thing when the national media is talking about our club. Not all press is good press, especially for a team that, in most people's eyes, is hardly worth talking about at all any other day of the year. And the folks behind the debacle really have no one to blame but themselves.

I can't speak for every fan, but I personally have just been waiting agonizingly for the past few weeks to stretch by so the season could finally end. We've already endured the longest winless streak in club history, and some of the worst losses that any of us can remember as a part of it, including three losses on national goddamn television. The absolute last thing we need right now is a national media outlet perking up and telling the whole world about it.

It's hard to enjoy the weather when it's fucking hailing.