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Carlos Alvarez suspended for dumb reason

Come on, really?!

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Carlos Alvarez has been suspended for the match against the Seattle Sounders this weekend for a dumb reason. Apparently, he entered the field of play after Gabriel Torres scored what looked like it could have been a winner against the San Jose Earthquakes last weekend. It's only a one-game suspension, but it will potentially shake up Pablo Mastroeni's team plans, as the coach had been using Alvarez on occasion as a starter in the past few weeks.

Really though, was he the only one who entered the field of play after that goal happened? I find it hard to believe that he was the only player on the bench that made such a move. This is just silly.

Also, here's a friendly reminder that this is the same MLS Disciplinary committee that failed to suspend (or even acknowledge the existence of) Alan Gordon after elbowing Shane O'Neill in the face earlier this season. Nice ups again, guys!