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FC Dallas 1 Colorado Rapids 0 - It's almost over!

No more home matches!

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

It's over! The home season for the Colorado Rapids has finally come to a screeching halt with, you guessed it, another loss. This time, it was a boring affair between the Rapids and FC Dallas that didn't feature all that many clear-cut chances for either side, but naturally ended in a loss for the Rapids regardless.

Despite the Rapids putting out a line-up that looked like it belonged in an early-season reserves match in some spots, the game was actually fairly even, which in the case of this team meant boring as all get out. Eventually, Dallas ended up winning a penalty on a fairly clean-cut handball call on Chris Klute -- the second straight handball for a penalty in two home matches for the Rapids! -- and Blas Perez made the most of it.

A more succinct version of my thoughts on the game can be found below:

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