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Colorado Rapids vs. Chivas USA - The good, the bad, the ugly

The slide continues as the Rapids drop another match to bring the current winless streak to 0-10-2.

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It is tough to find positives from a match featuring the two poorest teams in the Western Conference, but I was convinced that I could as Colorado Rapids traveled to Chivas USA for what will probably be the final time.  I was not sure if it was going to come from the newest Rapids player, Zat Knight, or if it would come from a spectacular save from Clint Irwin.   Or maybe we would see Davy Armstrong out there proving his worth and getting ready for 2015.

Nope, it was John Neeskens and Charles Eloundou.

Here is The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, Colorado Rapids, Round 32

The Good--Eloundou to Neeskens for the Goal!  Uh, What?

I know, you were probably thinking it was going to be a Vicente Sanchez service to Gabriel Torres or Edson Buddle that would start it off and lead the Rapids to victory.  Nope, it was Neeskens getting his second start of the year (playing the the midfield) and was delivered some great service from Eloundou.  It may not have been what was predicted, but it was still a goal and a nice way for both Lads to get on the scoresheet.

The Bad--Getting Physical

All it would have taken is the Rapids (specifically Knight) to get physical on the first goal for Chivas and it would have been a different game.  Give it up to Chivas for hitting the Rapids at their weakest point, but seriously, the Rapids made that dude look like he was Messi.  The team has not had a physical presence since Hendry Thomas left, and it was never made more clear than Saturday night.

The Ugly--Goodbye to a Franchise?

There are a million things that could qualify as an ugly this week (and the better part of the final half of this season), but instead I am going to bring up the death of Chivas USA.  I know that nothing has been "officially" confirmed as of yet, however all signs are pointing to Chivas USA disbanding this year and being rebranded "Los Angeles 2" in the future.  It is certainly sad that this is happening to the Chivas players and staff that could be out of a job soon and I hope that the Lads on that team, and the support and front office staff are able to hitch onto another team soon.

But why did this really have to happen?  It would seem the easy solution is out there and it is only 400 miles north.  How easy would it have been to sell the team to the folks in Sacramento, rebrand the team as Sacramento Republic FC, and go from there?  That would put to rest who gets MLS 24 (give it to Minnesota) and Chivas does not have to disappear for a season or two.  And if Miami ultimately does not work, that "famous" owner could have LA2 to himself.

I know it is an easy solution, but why does everything have to be so complicated in MLS?  And to Chivas USA and your fans, you deserved better than you got.  Good luck.

This Saturday our Burgundy Boys play their final home game of 2015 against an FC Dallas team that has already punched their ticket for the playoffs.  I am not sure who starts for the Rapids in this match, but I hope they come out full of piss and vinegar and snap this streak in front of the dedicated home fans.  I will be watching from afar (wedding in Minnesota) but I will be watching with my kit on and cheering the boys.