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Colorado Rapids vs. Chivas USA - Player ratings

The Rapids traveled to California to face Chivas USA and took it on the chin in a 2-1 loss to the Goats.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

It is all my fault you see.  I tweeted this during the Colorado Rapids at Chivas USA match on Saturday night:

So go ahead and blame me.  I am good for it.

But when looking at this match I was convinced there was no way that the Rapids were going to drop this one.  I just had that feeling that we would snap the streak and get some good vibrations going into the home finale.  Alas, the Rapids could not hold onto a lead against a putrid Chivas USA attack and were shredded by two completely preventable goals by some laughable defense.  But after the 2-1 loss I was out of words and the Rapids have now gone 35% of their season, in a row, without a victory.

Here is how I saw the match:

Clint Irwin 6

Irwin faced three shots, gave up two goals and neither one was his fault.  He was undone by absolutely disastrous defense.  Again.

Marc Burch 5

Burch did not have a bad game and got forward in attack, but as a veteran on the back line he needs to be a more vocal leader and shut down drives forward.

Jared Watts 4

As a central defender your job is to stop a player from scoring.  Or, you know, try.  He needs to be more physical in the middle of the pitch and stop people from scoring.

Zat Knight  2

Horrible, horrible defending on both Chivas goals.  Honestly his play on the first Chivas goal reminded me of Roger Dorn from "Major League" trying to make an out at third base.   It was an embarrassment that he played so poorly and wore the armband.  Based on this performance, he should not be brought back in 2015

Thomas Piermayr  N/A

Piermayr went out injured in the first quarter of the match with what looked like a knee injury.

John Neeskens  6

I liked what I saw from Neeskens and his interplay with Charles Eloundou was very nice.  Would not mind seeing him get more time.

Jose Mari 5

Took an early yellow card, but did not seem to be a gigantic factor in the match.  The team did control possession, but that means nothing if you can't convert that into goals.

Nick LaBrocca 5.5

It is a good game when LaBrocca does not take a needless yellow card.  He did help control possession against his former team, but that has to be converted into taken chances.

Carlos Alvarez 5

Alvarez made a return to his former team and had a fairly quiet night.

Charles Eloundou 6.5

I liked Eloundou's energy and pace out there.  He runs and runs and runs and you see why the Rapids were so high on him.  He will be back next year and I am pretty jacked to see his progress.

Dillon Powers 5.5

Still trying to figure out why Powers is playing at forward when he is suited for a central midfield role.  Just askin'


Marvell Wynne 4

I like Wynne, but he is a player that should probably not be coming back next year.  If you allow yourself to get burned, you better play some solid defense.  He did not on Saturday.

Kamani Hill 5

Hill got onto the pitch and I waited for one of those patented "Kamani" shots, but nothing came that even remotely challenged the Chivas goalkeeper.

Edson Buddle N/A

Late game cameo from Buddle and you have to think we are seeing the last of Buddle as a Rapids player.