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Fleming vs. Balboa: A tale of two philosophies

The commentary between our Rapids' announcers Richard Fleming and Marcelo Balboa revealed two different philosophies of how the Rapids with their 1-0 lead moved ahead. Fleming wins by TKO.

Coach Pablo Mastroeni sees more of the same against Chivas USA, as the Rapids lose 2-1 at the StubHub.
Coach Pablo Mastroeni sees more of the same against Chivas USA, as the Rapids lose 2-1 at the StubHub.
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

As you may gather from my colleagues at the Burgundy Wave, the desperation regarding the Rapids' season has turned to exasperation which has now turn to resignation.  The Goats (Chivas USA) 2, the Goats (our Colorado Rapids) 1.  They controlled the first half so well, but we all waited for the other shoe (boot?) to drop.

What I found most interesting is the commentary between Richard Fleming and Marcelo Balboa as the first half drew to a close.  Fleming's observation was patently obvious to most of us: the Rapids need another goal for needed padding if they hoped to win.  Balboa graciously dismissed the idea, in essence saying, "Nah!  The Rapids just need to keep doing what they're doing.  The way Chivas is playing, they won't be getting a goal."

Fleming by TKO.

The single most maddening part of this abysmal winless streak is their failure to keep pressuring and to close out games.  Not one single Rapid fan felt that a 1-0 lead was a comfortable lead.  Chivas subs on Kristoffer Tyrpak, said sub scored (64'), allowing him to weave through--which should not have happened.  Then (then!) in the 85th minute, Felix Borja got a header over a flat-footed Zat Knight who knew he should have done more.

Toward the end, Balboa conceded.  And that's the nature of professional soccer, for the players are just that--professional.  You cannot give them opportunities, even if it's a team that won't exist next year.  Call it fatigue (but those who play in our altitude should do OK at sea level), call it inexperience, call it having guys out of position--call it whatever:  you cannot quit pressing.  You cannot let up.

Two more games remain: FC Dallas (10/18 at 1:00 pm) and at Vancouver (10/25 at 8:00 pm).  And then we're done.  And then we wait for offseason moves.  We wait for a strategy for 2015.

Please, Rapids Front Office.  Keep pressing.  Don't let up.  Don't maintain. The fans need to know that this will not be the strategy moving forward.

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